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Mar 13, 2017

How To Handle Weather Related Auto Glass Damage

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Constant driving is eventually going to do a number on your vehicle’s glass, there are no two ways about it. Auto glass repair stores are usually running full tilt because of this. Many things can cause damage to your vehicle’s glass, such as rocks that are kicked up by a passing vehicle, falling debris, and even simple fluctuations between hot and cold temperatures. If you find yourself the victim of weather related auto glass damage this year, here are some tips on how to handle it.

How To Handle Weather Related Auto Glass Damage

Treat Chips Immediately

The one thing that nearly all auto glass repair places will agree on is that you have to deal with glass chips immediately. What starts out as a small crack or chip in your windshield, left untreated, can quickly spread, destroying the entire pane and rendering your windshield more or less useless and in dire need of replacement. Invest in some quick sealant for a cheap car repair solution while you wait for a chance to bring it in for professional treatment.

Check the Depth of the Damage

Windshields are made from two separate layers of glass, and contain a layer of plastic in between them. If the crack or damage extends past the outer layer and into the plastic or second glass layer, you are going to need to take your car to auto glass repair professionals and have the entire window replaced.

Keep a Bridge-style Window Repair Kit On Hand

Most auto parts stores sell windshield repair kits. The best type to buy is one that has a bridge applicator which fastens to glass using suction cups. These types of applicators are more stable than syringe applicators. Make sure that what you are buying comes with a vacuum system that removes the air from the crack as you repair it.

Cure with Sunlight or a UV Lamp

Once you have filled the crack with resin, you will need to cure it using ultraviolet light, either from a lamp, or directly from the sun. Make sure that you shade the windshield during the initial preparation process until you are ready to cure the resin. This is a cheap car repair solution that will tide you over until you decide to, or need to, take your car into an auto glass repair shop.

There are a wide range of cheap auto glass repair options on the market, but nothing is going to provide you with the peace of mind that professionals will be able to provide you with. Make sure you know how to deal with damage to auto glass so that you know when you can continue driving and when you need to seek immediate professional service.

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