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Jan 25, 2017

Things You Must Do After Buying A Used Car

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Buying a used car is exciting. You think you’ve found the deal of the century. You got a low mileage car, at a great price, and you think you’re ready to roll. There are some things, however, that used car buyers forget to do immediately after they make their purchase that are incredibly important. If you just picked up a used car, or are planning to, below are some things you must do after it becomes yours.

Things You Must Do After Buying A Used Car

Get Licensed, Registered and Insured

You’ve got a new (used) car, but you can’t legally have it on the road until you are licensed, registered and insured. It might seem tempting to throw some old plates on it for the time being so that you can actually get out and drive it, but this is part of new car ownership that simply cannot wait.

Get Inspected

This is something that you really should do before you buy a used car, but, if for whatever reason you decided against this, or thought that you eyeballed everything thoroughly enough, do yourself a favour and take the car in for a thorough, proper inspection to make sure it’s safe enough to be driving around.

Change All Filters

This means air, fuel, oil, water purifier and transmission. All of these need to be replaced on a used vehicle, especially if you have purchased it from the previous owner and not a dealership. Even if they look okay at a glance, they should be replaced to play it safe.

Change the Fluids

Just as it’s important to start off with a clean slate with it comes to the car’s filters, it’s also important to do so with the car’s fluids. While dirty fluids are certainly better than no fluids, they also mean that your car is not going to be working efficiently and that is not a good foot to start off on with your new partner.

Get the Quick Fixes out of the Way

You aren’t going to want to begin a complete overhaul on your first day with the new car, but the small things (the spark plug, the trim pieces, the lights, etc.) are easy to get out of the way immediately and will get you in the mood to tackle the bigger problems later on.

Buying a used car comes with some additional responsibilities that a brand new car doesn’t. The car has experienced some wear and tear prior to your ownership that you are going to want to make sure doesn’t come back to haunt you. Keep the above things in mind after you purchase a used vehicle and get the most out of your new investment.

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