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Apr 25, 2016

Are Turbocharged Engines A Good Idea?

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A growing interest in high-performance vehicles has made the use of turbocharged engines more popular among car enthusiasts. They provide a high level of torque and speed that appeal to many of today’s drivers.

Turbocharged Engines

As a result, many of today’s automobile manufacturers are implementing new ways to improve performance while keeping fuel economy in mind.

Turbocharged engines can be complex. Knowing if turbocharged engines are a good idea for you will help you determine the best options for your car.

Getting More Power With a Turbocharged Engine

Turbocharged engines work by using the gasses from the engine to move the turbine that’s connected to the car’s compressor. This creates more air pressure in the engine and causes more fuel to be used.

The result is an increased level of power that would otherwise require a larger engine. But turbocharged engines require more complex plumbing, oil lines, and cooling systems.

A turbocharged engine leads to a faster-moving car. But turbocharging a small engine can require some key considerations in order to get the most out of your investment.

Know What You Need to Invest

Turbocharged engines require time and money in order to be properly implement it in your car. You’ll need to work with a skilled car technician who’ll properly turbocharge your engine.

The additional components required by a turbocharged engine results in having to modify other components of your automobile. If your car has a small front end with little space to work with, a turbocharged engine may not be realistic.

There is also the aspect of fuel economy that you must consider. Some industry experts have expressed their concerns over the loss of fuel efficiency that can result from a turbocharged engine. Some studies indicate that turbocharged automobiles see a decrease in their miles-per-gallon.

Long-term Performance

The other consideration you need to make is related to the long-term performance of your car with a turbocharged engine.

The more components that are used, the more likely you are to have issues over time. This is especially true for cars that have reached more than 100,000 miles.

The use of turbocharged engines is relatively new for mainstream drivers. More manufacturers are using turbocharged engines in their vehicles. But if you’re modifying your existing engine, you’ll want to consider its lifetime performance in order to get the best results.

Turbocharged engines can reach high temperatures, which lead to other related issues. The engine’s oil can become compromised and lead to overheating. There are ways to prevent this, such as allowing the car to idle before turning it off in order to cool the engine’s oil.

Turbocharged engines provide more power and speed for your vehicle. They can be a great solution for boosting the power of your existing engine.

But they’re also quite complex and can present a unique set of issues to deal with. Knowing if a turbocharged engine is a good idea comes down to understanding how they work and how they can impact the life and performance of your car.

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