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Oct 17, 2016

4 Ways To Make Your Car Tires Last

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If you’re driving around in a vehicle with poor tires, you’re taking a chance on your safety. Tires aren’t exactly cheap either, so if you want to extend their life—and make sure yours is safe—consider these ideas:

Making Your Car Tires Last

  1. Check the air pressure in your tires every month
    Having the wrong pressure in your tires can cause a myriad of problems, from how the vehicle handles to more wear and tear than there ought to be. About a pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure is lost each month. Cold weather can also be a culprit. On the other hand, hot temperatures increase the pressure in tires.
  2. Rotate, rotate, rotate!
    Have your mechanic rotate your tires every 8,000 kilometres or so. Tires in the front wear quicker—even on all-wheel drives. Rotating the tires evens wear and gives them a chance to rest.
  3. A balancing act
    In addition to having the tires rotated, also have them balanced. Every tire has an area that’s heavier than the rest, and even though it may not be a great deal different, it’s enough to cause uneven wear and a vibration when driving. Your mechanic has a special piece of equipment that can bring balance to your tires and it’s less costly than buying a new tire.
  4. Alignment
    If your tires are either toed in or toed out, they’re misaligned. You’ll know your tires are out of alignment by how it handles. If it pulls in either direction, or if the steering wheel shakes, it may be because of tire alignment. When you hit the curb, a pothole or any other barrier the impact can cause tires to be misaligned. Having them put right again will increase fuel efficiency and decrease tread wear.

Take your car in for a check every six months, or whenever you think something is wrong. A little regular maintenance can help save a lot of money.

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