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Jun 2, 2014

Modifying Your Engine for Better Performance

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Some people are perfectly happy with the way their cars come off the assembly line, others have an insatiable need for speed and enhancement in performance. If you are an enthusiast hoping to modify your engine, here are a few tips!

Modified Engine

Supercharge: If you’re looking for more horsepower, why not install a supercharger that can increase a car’s standard horsepower by approximately 50%! It works by pressurizing air intake above the normal atmospheric level allowing an increased air flow into the engine, which results in greater power when combined with fuel. It has the added effect of more space for fuel and in turn greater combustion.

Go Turbo: An alternative to a supercharger is a turbo kit which also creates forced induction. It tends to be more efficient as does not use the engine’s power to run (which the supercharger does). Instead is makes use of exhaust gas to spin a turbine and send all the created air through the turbine into an intercooler which chills the air, this is then sent to the intake and cylinders resulting in increased airflow and more power.

Get Some Air: Trade in your paper made air filters for aftermarket materials that are better at catching and blocking the contaminants that attempt to enter your engine. Cotton (or similar material) filters prevent the impurities and allow for greater airflow to the engine which improves the air/fuel performance. Add a secondary air filter for even greater filtration and engine efficacy.

Keep Cool: Since keeping the engine cool in necessary for proper mechanical function of your vehicle, why not take it one step further and add a cold air intake kit. This will push cool air into the internal combustion engine. This leads to improved performance and engine efficiency as it provides greater oxygen content (than warmer air) required for more vigorous combustion.

Chip Away: Most new cars contain an onboard motherboard chip that regulates function and which can be tapped into when diagnosing problems. If you are looking to override the standard system, a performance chip can be installed which goes above and beyond the factory settings to increase power.

Lose some weight: Physics tells us that objects of lighter mass have greater ability moves faster than their heavier counterparts. This is true for cars too. Many components of your vehicle can be switched out in order to improve speed and aerodynamics. Things such as passenger seats that aren’t used can be removed entirely, heave glass windows can be swapped for lightweight plastic ones, along with other areas that can be modified to suit your own needs. Be sure to use certified parts that will stand up to road safety and legal standards.

Get Rolling: Choosing a smaller rim and lower profile tire will also help with speed and power as the reduced mass will require less force to propel them. Look into what will give your car a smooth ride, not something that merely has aesthetic appeal.

For these tips and more, check out the sources below.

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