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Oct 2, 2016

Signs Your Car Is Overdue For An Oil Change

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There’s no mistaking the fuss your vehicle will start to make when it needs a drink of new oil.

Your Vehicle Is Telling You It’s Oil Change Time

A light means action. The first telltale sign is your oil change light turning a bright red. This could mean more than needing the oil changed: the oil pressure could also be low, which could mean your oil pump is on the fritz. Whatever the reason, it’s cause to see a mechanic pronto.

Dark and dirty. If the oil is a dark colour and looks dirty, you’re overdue for an oil change service. If it looks sludgy it probably is, and that can clog up your oil delivery service entirely. Keep in mind that dirty oil is running through your vehicle’s entire system and it’s bound to have an effect sooner or later.

Contaminated system. By-products and dirt collect in your car’s system from burning litres of gas. It’s like using the same oil over and over when cooking french fries. Using new oil helps to remove the residue built up over time. The kind of contamination blocks the pipes in your vehicle can lead to big problems.

Engine complaints. Listen to your car. If something is amiss with the oil, it’s going to tell you by knocking or clunking. That’s probably your engine rods complaining by knocking against each other. Your don’t want that to happen, because replacing rods will be dent on your pocketbook. If you hear a clicking sound when the engine is running it’s probably because the oil is low. If you don’t get the oil changed and topped up, eventually your car is just going to pack up, which brings us to the next sign.

Breakdown. Nothing works when part of its system is sick, and that includes your vehicle. Oil makes things run smoothly, and if any part of the engine begins to dry out, it’s just going to stop working. Do yourself and your vehicle a favour and get the oil changed before irreparable damage is done to your motor.

For preventative measures or for vehicle ailments, give Service Plus a call. We’ll steer you in the right direction.

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