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Jan 29, 2015

Winter Tires VS All Seasons

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Not all people are keen to the fact that there are various types of tires that can be purchased for their vehicle.

Winter Tire VS All Seasons Tire

As winter nears, it is time to start considering winter tires. With a lack of knowledge, a vehicle owner may not understand the difference between winter tires and all season tires. All season tires are usually the tires found on most vehicles during winter months, yet it isn’t always a safe or practical option.

All Seasons Tires

  • Designed to provide traction in wet and snowy weather.
  • Are meant to provide traction in wet and dry conditions.
  • Meant to be for practical for all types of weather conditions.
  • Better for areas with moderate temperatures and smaller winters.

Winter Tires

  • Provide stability and traction in snow.
  • Are designed specifically for snowfall and ice.
  • They are made of special rubber that can withstand the colder temperatures.
  • They have treads that helps reduce the buildup of snow on the tires.
  • Winter tires feature different tread designs made particularly for winter weather.
  • Provides more control over the vehicle.

While all season tires aren’t necessarily a bad thing, winter tires are a more sound option for anyone who fears driving through the snow and ice. Accidents can easily happen in winter months where the temperature is below freezing and snowfall is more aggressive.

Winter tires will help keep the traction and control of the vehicle stable. Driving will be much less stressful and easy when you reside in an area where winters can be burdensome.

Many customers that have purchased winter tires in the past claim that the tires give them more control over the vehicle. They have also said that breaking in the vehicle on the icy roads is much easier.

Winter tires add more safety precaution to the vehicle in the rough weather conditions. It helps those that must drive during winter months to rest easier knowing that they have tires specially designed to withstand snowy and icy roads.

Winter tires are not recommended for warmer weather months. All season tires perform better and provide more traction in the non-winter months. They are also less inclined to tear up the road, causing damage to it. Keeping winter tires on the vehicle all year long will cause more harm than good to the roads you travel on, but are better for areas that experience longer and harsher winters.

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