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Jan 18, 2016

What Are The Easiest Ways To Get Your Car Unstuck From The Snow?

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For many citizens of the Great White North, winter is the most beautiful season. Pristine blankets of snow cover the country’s idyllic woods under bright moonlight. It’s a romantic and powerful image. Unfortunately, those picturesque scenes are reserved mostly for paintings on the front of Christmas cards.

Get Your Car Unstuck From The Snow

The real scene of winter is you, cursing your bad luck, falling down into grey slush while trying to push your car out of an eight-foot snowbank in minus 22 degrees. It’s a reality of life that most Canadian drivers have endured. But this winter, instead of exhausting yourself and succumbing to frostbite, use these handy tips to set your car free faster and more efficiently.

  1. Don’t panic
  2. You’re unlikely to accomplish much if you’re having a nervous breakdown. You will get through this if you stay calm.

  3. Be prepared
  4. If you keep winter emergency tools in your car –a shovel, rock salt, etc.– then this process will go much more smoothly. You can dig yourself out, melt some snow, and provide traction for your tires.

  5. Observe
  6. Carefully look at your car and get a good idea of where it is. Make sure your exhaust pipe is not blocked by snow and that their aren’t any obstacles, such as fire hydrants which you might hit.

  7. Don’t spin
  8. Do not spin your tires. They will merely dig in deeper and you might damage them.

  9. Move slowly
  10. Slowly is fastest in this scenario. Put your car in the lowest possible gear and reverse slowly. Then move forward slowly. The rocking motion should help your vehicle gain traction.

  11. Turn, turn, turn
  12. If number five fails, try turning your steering wheel back and forth while backing up slowly, and continue shifting the wheel as you then move ahead slowly.

  13. Straighten your wheels
  14. After you’ve turned them, try to make sure that your wheels are straight. This will give you the best chance of increasing traction.

  15. Ride the brakes
  16. Sometimes your wheels have uneven traction and one spins more than the other. By tapping the brakes you can even out the power so that both wheels are working together. But don’t do this for more than a few seconds or you’ll risk overheating your brakes.

Another important way to be prepared and ensure a safe drive is to make certain your phone is charged and handy in case you need to make a call to support services. But remember that before you even set out, you can always consult our team of experts on tips for safe winter driving.

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