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Apr 9, 2015

Useful Accessories For Car Owners

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For most car owners, their vehicle is an extension of their home. We spend almost as much time in our cars in a month as we do at work in a week, so why not make your commute a little bit more pleasant? Here are a few accessories you can get for under $60 that will make the time spent in your car much more pleasurable.

Necessary Car Accessories

Cell Phone Holder

Since talking or texting on a cell phone is illegal anyway, why not get a holder to keep your phone away from temptation? It makes for easy access for GPS navigators and song playlists, but will keep your phone far enough away from you while you’re driving that you won’t want to play with it. This is better not just for you (as a driver), but also for all those pedestrians you might not have seen while you were writing back that cutie you met last weekend.

A GPS or Traffic App

There’s nothing worse than getting stuck in traffic, but with the use of technology you can actually avoid that altogether! Mobile apps like Waze and certain brands of GPS systems will allow you to choose routes based not by distance, but by current traffic conditions. This means you can finally get from point A to point B without seeing break lights the whole way!

Sticky Dashboard Pads to hold your Belongings in place

These gel-based pads are partly innovative and futuristic, but the idea is almost too simple – why has it taken us so long to get on board?! Install these pads on your dashboard so you can put your house keys, spare change (Iced Capp anyone?), and even cell phones on. They’re strong enough to hold onto your belongings so they don’t move while taking tight corners, and the sticky base is easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about leaving unwanted track marks on the dashboard when you want to remove the pads.

Gel Seat Cushions

One of the worst things about long drives in a car is how sore your bum and back get after sitting for so long. You can easily avoid this by investing in gel seat cushions.

Look around online to see if you can get a good deal on different shapes and sizes. These pads will transform your car seats into a plush and comfortable setting that will make you want to go out of your way to take the scenic route. Don’t underestimate the toll long travel time takes on your body and treat yourself a little something extra!

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