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Apr 11, 2016

Summer Maintenance Tips For Your Vehicle

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Summer is a favorite season for drivers. The warm weather allows for the top-down long-distance driving that most drivers dream of.

Summer Maintenance For Your Vehicle

But the summer weather can be a source of issues for your automobile if you aren’t careful. High temperatures cause problems to your car’s cooling system, battery, and tires among many others.

Proper maintenance will prevent these and other costly issues. Following these summer maintenance tips for your vehicle will ensure that you can hit the road while keeping you safe and avoiding costly repairs.

Vehicle Issues That Can Arise During Summer

The main factor that can lead to car issues is the summer heat. Depending on where you live, high summer temperatures can cause your battery life to decrease. Damage to the battery can be a result of the evaporation of its fluid due to these high temperatures.

In addition, the battery’s voltage regulator may not function properly. This can increase the charging rate, which can lead to damage over time.

Summer heat requires more work from your car’s cooling system. This system is responsible for preventing your engine from overheating while on the road.

The belts, hoses, and other components of your car are at a higher risk for damage during the summer. Cracking, bulging, and other forms of wear must be identified early to avoid costly damage.

Your tires are also vulnerable to high temperatures during the summer. Knowing what to do to prevent these issues will improve your car’s performance.

What to Do for Summer Car Maintenance

The following are some basic steps to take to maintain the most important aspects of your car’s performance:

Battery Maintenance

You should have a skilled technician evaluate all of the systems of your automobile. Your battery should be kept clean and the electrical system must be checked regularly to ensure that it is charging properly.

Any corrosion that may occur on your battery will cause the current flow to be compromised and lead to further issues.

Cooling System

Your cooling system must be maintained during the summer. Keep your car’s coolant at the proper levels and be sure to change it each year. This ensures that your cooling system stays clean and prevents issues related to corrosion.

A skilled technician can also perform tests for your cooling fan, thermostat and pressure. They’ll inspect your car for any leaks that need to be repaired. Hoses are typically damaged near the connection points. So be sure to inspect your hoses thoroughly for summer maintenance.


Your tires must be inspected regularly. Examine their conditions and measure the air pressure. You should also have your tires rotated on a regular basis to maximize their performance.

Most importantly, be sure that your spare tire is in good condition. It should have adequate tread and be properly inflated so that you can use it if you have an issue while on the road.

These summer maintenance tips for your vehicle will provide the highest level of performance during the summer months. They’ll prevent unwanted and costly issues and ensure that you maximize your time spent enjoying your summer on the road.

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