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Feb 1, 2016

Safest Cars For 2016

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Car safety has come a long way over the past few decades; modern models are a world away from the steel boxes of old. The front-ends of new vehicles are designed to absorb the bulk of the shock from collisions, so that passengers do not feel the full force of the crash.

Safest Cars For 2016

Things weren’t always this way; drivers and passengers in antique cars and trucks suffered severe injuries and higher chances of fatality.

Safety is Auto Manufacturers’ Top Priority These Days

Today, manufacturers dedicate millions of dollars in research to ensure their vehicles are as safe as can be; they know that models that meet the universal, 5-star crash test rating on all fronts are the ones consumers are most interested in buying.

2016 is already looking to be a record-breaking year as far as vehicle safety is concerned (this applies to both accident avoidance and occupant protection), as a record 48 cars and crossovers have made the coveted, “Top Safety Pick” list.

This is an impressive feat in its own right, but what makes this figure even more monumental is the fact that the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently raised the bar with even stricter safety standards than we’ve seen in previous years. So let’s all give a big round of applause to the automakers that are keeping us safer every day.

Stricter Safety Tests? No Problem for These Automakers!

Any company that can pass the numerous crashworthiness tests implemented by the IIHS deserves recognition; many of the cars on the 2016 list feature state of the art, accident avoidance systems, such as those that automatically engage the vehicle’s brakes in circumstances deemed hazardous.

The “small overlap” frontal test is one that has challenged manufacturers for some time now as well, but many of these car and crossover models exceeded it with flying colors. The test is meant to simulate a glancing blow collision with an inanimate object when the vehicle is traveling 40 MPH; the conditions are tougher to meet than conventional frontal collisions.

Given the recent trends in the auto industry, it might not come as a surprise that Asian manufacturers captured the majority of slots on this year’s list. Toyota, Lexus, Honda, Subaru, and Scion each had multiple models make the 2016 shortlist.

In fact, the Chrysler 200 was the only domestic model that met the qualifications for the Top Safety Pick list; GM and its competing American brethren definitely have their work cut out for them for 2017. Granted, the evaluations were limited to the highest-volume vehicles, so this does naturally eliminate a bulk of the competition.

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