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Jan 13, 2015

How to Prevent Your Car from Stalling So Much

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There are several reasons your car might stall on you. Being knowledgeable of these reasons will only help you to find a solution. Of course, there are some determining factors that will also need to be addressed before a solution can be found, such as the make, model and year of the vehicle.

Prevent Your Car From Stalling

Reasons a Car Might Stall

  • Sensor failure
  • Leaks or lack of fuel into the engine
  • Electrical issues
  • Low fluid levels
  • Bad starter
  • Dead or dying battery

All of the above are reasons for a car to stall. It is difficult to determine without the assistance of an automotive technician what might be causing the car to stall.

Luckily, there are some simple solutions to help prevent your vehicle from stalling until the direct issue can be resolved.

Ways to Prevent Your Car from Stalling

  • Ease into the clutch
  • Check all fluid levels and make sure everything, especially oil, fuel and transmission fluids are full
  • Inspect the vehicle for leaks
  • Allow the car to idle for a while
  • Check the battery to ensure it’s properly connected
  • Make sure the vehicle isn’t having issues with the starter- this might have to be determined by a professional
  • Rev the engine to get more fuel

While there are preventative measures and things you can do to help your vehicle from stalling, it is best to seek attention for the vehicle right away. Don’t let a continuously stalling vehicle become worse by driving it. If the vehicle isn’t a stick shift and the stalling isn’t due to lack of experience, then there could be a deeper rooted issue.

Electrical, starter, battery and sensor problems can all easily be addressed by a mechanic. They will run various tests on the car to determine where the problem is. They will consult with you and tell you of your options.

Older vehicles, stick shifts and certain brands are known for stalling. Prevent purchasing a vehicle that’s known for such issues if you would like to avoid a higher risk of stalling issues.

By properly caring for a vehicle and having routine maintenance performed, the longevity of the vehicle will be prolonged. Fluids must always be full and the sensors should be tested periodically. Preventing a vehicle from stalling can be done, but it requires a little knowledge of what causes a vehicle to do so.

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