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Jan 9, 2014

How to Get the Most Life Out of Your Brakes

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Disc BrakeGetting more life out of your brakes could mean that you spend less money and that you keep your family safer on the road. Try following these tips to help your brakes work better for a longer period of time.

Tip #1: Drive at the Speed Limit

Driving fast often means that you have to slam on your brakes whenever something unexpected happens. That creates a lot of pressure that will kill your brakes quickly. Think about this: if you slam on your brakes while driving at 105 kph, your brakes have to absorb a third more energy than if you had been driving at 90 kph.

Slow down so that you don’t have to put so much stress on your brakes!

Tip #2: Coast to Stops

Instead of using your brakes when you approach a stop sign or stoplight, ease off the gas and coast towards them. It doesn’t take more time to coast to a stop than it does to brake while driving. But it does reduce the overall stress that you put on your brakes.

Since you don’t get anything out of using your brakes, why not coast and save some money by extending the life of your brakes.

Tip #3: Make Your Car Lighter

The more your car weighs, the more energy it creates when it moves forward. That’s why it’s harder to stop a hulking SUV than a tiny car.

It’s pretty easy for your car to shed a few pounds (if only it were so easy for humans). Clean out your backseat and trunk to make sure you don’t have anything unnecessary there. You might be surprised by what you find. If you read a lot of books, then you’ll probably find a stash somewhere. If you work in construction, then you’ll probably find cement covered boots stowed in the trunk.

Things have a way of accumulating in cars. Removing those objects makes your car light and adds life to your brakes.

#4: Flush the Brake Fluid

If you want to keep your brakes healthy, then you need to change the brake fluid regularly.

Over time, brake fluid accumulates water that can cause damage to the inside of your brakes. Every time you slam on the brakes, imagine that a little bit of water gets added. That’s basically what happens.

You’ll spend a little money flushing and replacing the brake fluid, but you’ll save money by keeping the mechanical parts in better shape.

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