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May 1, 2014

How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires

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Tire rotation is both imperative to good vehicle maintenance and an easy task to check off your to-do list! By rotating your tires your can add life to your tires and vehicle, improve gas mileage, and make sure your car provides a smooth and safe ride for you and your family.

Tire Rotation

The idea behind tire rotation is to alternate the wear and tear pattern exposed to your tires as it runs. The front versus the back, and the left versus the right, all wear independent of one another due to weight distribution, steering, shifting, and general travel. When you switch the position of the tires from one wheel well to another, different pressure points are applied and keep a more balanced wear and tear distribution among your set of four. Uneven wear patterns can cause problems for the vehicles steering and handling, alignment and cornering.

Car’s tire rotation schedules range from anywhere from every 3000 to 7000 miles depending on a number of variables including use, terrain, etc. A good reference point is to have your tires rotated every time you change your oil. It is a fairly inexpensive fee, (under $50) and most body shops offer packages that include fluid top ups, all point inspections, oil change, and tire rotation. When purchasing new tires or switching between winter and all-season tires, rotation should be free of charge!

Make sure you or your mechanic is aware of any size discrepancies between front and rear, or unilateral performance tires as they can only be swapped with their counterparts.

If you have a spare tire that is of full size (not the donut), you can add that in the rotation as well. This way you will have a healthy set of five tired with even wear patterns and assurance that your spare is in proper working order!

Remember, a few minutes of maintenance today could save you from time, energy, and a whole lot of money tomorrow!

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