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Jan 4, 2016

Easy Hacks To Improve Your Car’s Performance

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Getting the best out of your car is not only a matter of regular tune-ups, changing your all-season tires to winters, and using the best fuel for your car. There are many little things you can do to make sure that your vehicle is running optimally and that you’re enjoying your car. Here’s a list of easy hacks for getting the most out of your car and your driving life.

Improve Your Car’s Performance

  1. Quick Thaw: Try hand sanitizer, but not on your hands. On frosty winter mornings when your car door is all too often frozen shut, you may rely on the old trick of pouring hot water on the door handle, but it can be a hassle to head back inside, put the kettle on, wait, then trudge back out and try not to scald yourself. Instead, save yourself the trouble and simply use hand sanitizer, which is an excellent de-icer; it will melt the ice off your handle and get you in your car much faster.
  2. Look to the East: Park your car facing east in the winter so that the engine and front half of the car are pointed towards the sun in the morning. This will give you a head start on thawing it out and warming it up in winter. The sunniest days of winter are often the coldest, as their is no cloud cover keeping the heat close to the ground, so this should help.
  3. Create a Buffer: Hang a tennis ball in your garage where you want your windshield to be when you park your car. This way, when your windshield bumps into the ball, you’ll know that you’ve gone far enough and you won’t bump into the wall.
  4. Stay Scuff Free: Cut a foam pool noodle in half and affix it to your garage wall. This will mean that if you do bump into the wall or bang your door, the chance of dents or scratches is much reduced.
  5. Polish out Scuffs: If you do happen to scuff your car, you can use toothpaste to rub out minor marks. You can also use it to polish your headlights.
  6. Trash it: You can use a plastic cereal container as a small portable garbage bin. Just put a plastic bag in it and you can deposit your tissues or gum through the hole at the top.
  7. That Fresh Laundry Smell: If that garbage starts to smell, you can always keep a dryer sheet or two in your car to keep it smelling fresh.

These easy hacks can help keep your car looking great, and will ultimately make you a happier driver. But when difficulties with your car run deeper than scuffs and basic tidiness, our service professionals are here to help you.

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