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Oct 3, 2016

6 DIY Car Maintenance Tips For Fall

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With the colder weather soon approaching, making sure your vehicle is ready for the impending inclement weather is crucial. There are things you can do to ensure Old Man Winter doesn’t wreak havoc on your wheels.

6 Fall DIY Car Care Tips

  1. Time for new blades
    Snow and ice are your windshield wipers’ worst enemies. You might want to change the blades when fall rolls around. This is a pretty easy thing to do yourself, just make sure you get the proper sizes for your vehicle. You’ll know when they need replacing: they’ll start to leave streaks or large patches of ice or water when in use.
  2. Spare the problems
    Give your spare tire a once-over. Make sure it has enough air and that it’s usable—no holes or leaks. Also make sure the cable mechanism is working without restriction. If it’s a little tight, spray it with WD-40 and grease it up a bit. If it has seized up altogether, repair it right away.
  3. Are you getting enough fluids?
    Top up all the fluids in your vehicle—make sure the windshield washer fluid can take the cold temperatures. Also check your antifreeze and brake fluid levels—if they’re low, top them up.
  4. Filter out the old
    As a rule, you should replace the air filter in your car twice a year. When the air filter gets dirty, the pressure drops and restricts air flow. This affects everything from fuel economy to emissions. Everything gets better when a dirty filter is replaced and you can easily do this yourself without tools.
  5. Power and light
    Fall is the perfect time to check the battery terminal and your lights. Make sure battery connections are stable and there’s no corrosion happening. If you notice that there is, you can buy an inexpensive brush at any auto store to clean the posts. Replace any bulbs that are burned out. All of this can be easily done yourself and without the use of tools.
  6. Give the defroster a warm once-over
    It’s important to have a working windshield defroster in the winter. If it’s not working properly, you could spend a great deal of time scraping layers of ice off—and what’s to prevent the windshield from icing up again when you’re driving? Doing this in advance will save you from trouble down the road.

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