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Feb 15, 2016

4 Tricks Every Driver Should Know

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You might be a good driver, but you might not be aware of some tried and true tricks that can make getting to your destination easier and more cost-effective.

Tricks For Drivers

Just to be clear, we’re not talking about a cheat sheet to becoming an ASE-certified mechanic or DIY weekend warrior, but you should have no problem saving a few bucks and impressing your friends with your newfound skills.

Nifty Auto Advice That Any Driver Can Use

Say goodbye to dirty headlights once and for all (and on the cheap)

Forget the expensive cleaning solutions at your local auto parts store; simply grab a tube of toothpaste and apply a liberal amount to those dingy headlight exteriors. Buff the plastic casings in a circular motion on a soft cloth. After wiping away the excess, wash your headlights; just like that, years of glazing build-up is gone!

Carry fast food without making a mess

Most of us are guilty of eating in our beloved cars, and we’ve all had the unfortunate experience of accidentally spilling fries and liquids over our seats and floormats. Well, not anymore. The next time you grab a bite to eat of takeout, don’t forget to bring a spare shower caddy along for the ride. An odd device perhaps for the task at hand, but there is no denying the convenience of these containers for keeping fast food firmly in its place.

Keep a portable trash can in the car at all times

A small, compact bin will be a dedicated and sanitary place to discard your wrappers to avoid having debris collect under the seats. Try attaching the bin with a small piece of velcro to keep it in place so the trash doesn’t spill out on winding roads.

Nail polish is a great scratch removal tool

simply select a shade of polish that most closely matches the paint on your car’s exterior, and use it touch up light scratches and rust spots. This quick fix has proved time and again to save drivers a decent amount on would-be body work in the shop. It won’t do much for major blemishes, but it works wonders on the small stuff.

And here’s a bonus point for everyone who has embarrassingly pulled up to the wrong side of the gas pump. The little arrow on your gas gauge actually points in the direction of the tank.

Remember to take care of your vehicle, and that includes keeping it clean and polished looking. We can all stand to treat our cars with a little more respect. After all, they do carry us to important places on a daily basis!

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