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Sep 9, 2015

3 Common Car Air Conditioning Problems

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It’s the peak of the summer season and many Canadians are now driving across their province to the cottage. Their vehicle’s air conditioning will provide the ideal environment for the trip, but sometimes this critical care feature experiences a significant failure. It’s important to understand the performance of air conditioning systems in order to mitigate future systems issues, and so within this post, we’ll examine three common car air conditioning problems.

Car Air Conditioning Problem

1. Weak Air Flow

This is an exceptionally common issue, especially within older vehicles. A weak air flow can be attributed to a number of causes. One of the leading causes of this problem is mold or mildew accumulating in the evaporator core due to residual moisture from the cooling process. Mold or mildew prevents air from reaching the air vents and limits flow. Weak air flow is also often caused by a loose hose within the air conditioning system. Oftentimes, the blower hose that supplies air to the unit becomes loose within the system. This prevents air from being directed properly inside the vehicle. A repair specialist can help diagnose and repair weak air flow conditions.

2. Air is Not Cold Enough

On a warm summer day, the last thing drivers want is for warm air to be blasting at them on their drive to work. The problem with air cooling is often caused by a leak within the system. For example, there might be Freon leaking from the air conditioner due to a failed O-ring, seal, or hose. There could also be a vacuum leak within the system. A lack of cool air can also be linked with a damaged condenser or evaporator. These parts can degrade over time or may have been slightly damaged in a recent accident on the right. Imperative air temperature issues are analyzed by a vehicle air conditioning specialist to help prevent unsafe driving conditions.

3. There’s a Bad Odor Coming from the Air Conditioner

Trapped inside a vehicle, smells within the environment can become even more potent for those driving long distances. A bad odor could be caused by numerous vehicle elements. For example, the problem could be related to a dirty or old cabin filter, or it could be related to mold within the evaporator case.

By carefully assessing their vehicle’s air conditioning system alongside a trusted repair expert, vehicle owners can reduce their long-term maintenance costs and achieve a comfortable travel experience this summer. To learn more, contact our expert team today.

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