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Jul 25, 2016

Common Repairs Required For Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid cars are not only a great way to be kinder to the environment, but also to conserve gas mileage, and save money! Hybrid cars run partly on battery power, and partly on gas. While this makes them an environmentally responsible choice, it also makes them different from other, non-hybrid, cars, therefore requiring unique repairs.

Especially for those who mostly do in-city driving, a hybrid is a great choice. No matter what car you buy, it’s important to know what might go wrong, so let’s take a look at some common repairs needed for hybrid cars.

Common Repairs For Hybrid Cars

  • Battery replacement: Hybrids often have weaker batteries than traditional gas engines, meaning the battery may need to be replaced sooner.
  • Catalytic converter replacement: A catalytic converter works to convert toxic pollutants in gas emissions into less toxic pollutants. Replacing the catalytic converter is a major procedure, and one of the more common repairs required for hybrid cars.
  • Oxygen sensor replacement: Oxygen sensors are an important component of your car as they keep track of the unburned oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust. Have a fully functional oxygen sensor can help track gas mileage and keep fuel consumption as low as possible. Even though replacing an oxygen sensor is expensive, it is probably more costly not to replace it as you can end up with poor gas mileage and spend a lot of unnecessary money on fuel.
  • Evaporative emissions system: The evaporative emissions system works to contain gas fumes in the gas tank and keep them from reaching the air. A leak in the evaporative emission system can result in these harmful toxins reaching the air. A sign that you have an evaporative emission leak is the smell of gasoline in your car. Evaporative emissions leaks, or failure of the whole system are common repairs needed for a hybrid.

Though many of these repairs can be costly, in many cases the cost is offset by savings on gas, and oil changes. Hybrids do not require oil changes as often as traditional gas engines, though they still require regular maintenance and tune-ups. If you spent most of your time driving in the city, and have a desire to reduce your gas use and emissions, a hybrid may be a great choice for you!

When choosing a mechanic for your hybrid, make sure they have a good knowledge of hybrid vehicles and their specific needs. At Service Plus, we provide repair services for all of the above common repairs. Contact us today to speak more about your needs!

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