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Aug 15, 2016

How To Make Your Old Car Look New

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When you have had your car for a while, it is not unusual to get the temptation to buy a pretty, new, shiny car. But there is no need to spend a lot of money on a new car just because your current one is beginning to show a little wear and tear. If your ride is still running well, all you need to do is spruce it up a bit and it will even look good enough for resale.

Make Your Old Car Look Like New

Here are some ways to upgrade a worn-down ride:

  1. Clean and organize

    It is best to start with the simplest solution. Getting rid of all the clutter and giving your car a thorough cleaning will dramatically improve the interior, while improving safety by removing all loose objects.

    For the exterior, a thorough cleaning, including professional cutting and polishing to remove any scuffs, will make the car look newer, or at least uncover any problem areas, such as deep scratches or faded paint.

  2. Replace damaged or faded trim

    When you notice the trim surfaces and switches, like air conditioning knobs, are beginning to fade, consider taking them off for repainting or replacement. This is easier when you have a solid colour plastic trim compared to wood grain or leather.

  3. Upgrade the technology

    There are many new auto technologies on the market that could be a good fit for your car. Consider upgrading the audio system, navigation system, and any other systems that you believe will allow you to enjoy spending more time in your ride.

  4. Replace the floor mats

    Depending on the number of people you carry in your car, the floor mats can easily get damaged fast. If your original mats are not easy to clean, consider removing and storing them for later when selling your car. In the meantime, consider using rubber floor mats that are easier to clean. They will not only keep the carpet looking neat and clean, but also prevent dampness that could cause mold.

  5. Get some seat covers

    Consider covering up your seats to protect them from damage. You can also use seat covers to conceal already damaged seats, but make sure that the colours are basic and unobtrusive.

  6. Fix scratches and dents

    You can use the suction or hot glue method or even scratch repair pens to remove dents on the body of your vehicle. Repairing dents is particularly important in preventing rust in older vehicles that are made of actual metal.

There are many other things you can do to improve the appearance of your old car, like getting new wheels, repainting the exterior, and upgrading the speakers, depending on your budget.

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