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Mar 28, 2016

Getting Your Car Ready For Spring

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Winter takes its tole on a vehicle. Snow, ice, cold and constantly changing temperatures and air pressure; it’s a lot for a car to take. Your vehicle needs some TLC after a long winter fighting the elements if it’s going to perform during the Spring. Here are 5 tips for getting your car ready for the spring.

Car Ready For Spring

Check the air pressure and take off the winter tires. Keeping your winter tires on your vehicle during the warmer spring and summer months is a great way to wear them out. The rubber compounds they are made from are not meant for withstanding the heat that comes off the roads and highways during the summer. Make sure that the tires that you do put on have appropriate air pressure in them to ensure that they are making the most efficient contact possible with the road and you aren’t risking a blowout.

Check your A/C. You most likely didn’t use your A/C during the winter. Running it at the beginning of spring is a good idea to not only get rid of any dust or dirt that may have collected, but to see if any strange or abnormal smells come from your A/C system which may be indicators of a leaky system or one that needs to be recharged.

Inspect wiper fluid and blades. Car-owners tend to use more wiper fluid during the winter months to de-ice the windshield and make sure they have a safe amount of visibility while driving in hazardous winter conditions. It is a good idea to check the reservoir and top it off if necessary.

Give under the hood a once over. Many people don’t inspect the internal workings of their car all winter unless there is an obvious problem. With the onset of the warmer months, you should take the time to pop the hood and check things like the battery, oil levels, coolant and brake fluid. Check the battery for corrosion, which can be cleaned with baking soda, and make sure your oil is topped up.

Wash the winter off your car. Road salt and, depending on where you live, months of caked-on winter grime can really make your car look like it has seen better days if you don’t give it a spring wash and a wax. Leaving salt, dirt and snow-residue on your car for long periods of time will start to damage paint and ultimately cost you money if you want to keep your vehicle looking nice.

After months of maybe not paying as much attention to your car as you should, the spring presents a perfect opportunity to make sure that you are looking after the investment you have made in your vehicle. The tips above don’t take much time and go a long way to keeping your transportation shiny, humming and reliable.

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