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Jul 4, 2016

DIY Fixes For Car Dents

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For car owners, dents are an unfortunate reality. Whether from a fender bender, flying debris, or snowbanks, it’s highly likely you’ll encounter a dent during your time owning a car. These dents can be costly if you have to take the car in for repairs, especially if fixing the dent requires removing and reapplying paint. The good news is that there are some DIY ways to fix that dent, and save you cash!

DIY Fixes For Car Dents

  • Boiling Water

    Because so many dents are caused by backing into things, plastic bumpers are a common site for dents. Reverse a bumper dent by pouring boiling water onto the bumper and reaching behind to push the dent out. The heat should help soften the plastic and allow you to push the dent out. You may have to repeat the this method, as the heat won’t last long.

  • Hair Dryer

    A hair dryer can work in a similar way to boiling water, in that it can heat the dented area and make it more flexible. Pair a hair dryer with a can of compressed air to make the dent disappear!

    Heat the dented area with the hair dryer on high to expand the plastic. Once the area is hot enough, flip the can of compressed air and begin to spray the dent. The cold air should counter the heat, cause the plastic to contract, and pop the dent out!

  • Dry Ice

    For small dents, dry ice can be used to pop the dent back into place. Make sure you wear protective gloves as dry ice will burn your hands! Hold a piece of dry ice on the dent until it pops back into place, which shouldn’t take long. You can also apply heat via a hair dryer or lighter and then apply dry ice to make it more effective!

  • Plunger

    You can use a plunger to get small or medium dents out of your car. Make sure you use a cup plunger, not a the larger flange plunger usually used for toilets. Splash some water on the dent so the plunger suctions on and start plunging (pushing and pulling) until the dent pops out.

  • Vacuum Cleaner

    This one’s a bit more complicated. You’ll need a vacuum cleaner and a pot or bucket. Create a hole at the bottom of the pot or bucket that you can cover with the vacuum cleaner hose. Tape the pot around the dent and turn the vacuum on. This should create enough suction to pull the dent right out.

Hopefully these DIY tips are helpful for removing minor dents! It’s always handy to have some DIY tips in your pocket to avoid costly trips to the auto shop. If the dent is too big for you to fix on your own, or you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to come in! Contact Service Plus today for more information.

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