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May 15, 2017

4 Ways To Prevent A Window Crack From Spreading

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At some point in your car’s life, it is going to have to undergo some auto glass repairs. Even if you take immaculate care of your windshield, other drivers on the road, and just plain old accidents, are going to end up damaging your windshield glass. If you have a crack in your windshield and want to do everything you can to stop it from spreading, below are some tips.
Prevent A Window Crack From Spreading

Evaluate the Crack

The first thing you are going to want to do is to evaluate the extent of the damage. Some cracks, unfortunately, are beyond repair. If the crack is half a foot long or longer, or more than an inch wide, you are going to have to get the windshield replaced. It is not safe or legal to be driving around with a crack that size in your windshield, and a crack that size cannot be repaired.

Windshield Repair Kits

If the crack is something you can manage on your own, invest in a windshield repair kit from your local auto glass store. The kit will come with an adapter and a specialized resin that you will force into the crack, sealing out the elements, reducing the stress on the glass and helping to prevent any further spreading.

Super Glue

You can sometimes perform cheap auto glass repairs on your own using simple tools like super glue. This can only be done if the crack is quite small. Gently force the superglue into the crack and/or scratch, and spread it out evenly. The glue should hold both sides of the crack together and temporarily keep it from spreading any further. Keep in mind that this is only a band aid solution and will not last forever.

Nail Polish

Many people report success using this method but again, it will depend entirely on the size of the crack and the way you apply it. You will need to use a large amount of nail polish on both the inside and the outside of the crack and, most importantly, over the areas where you think the crack is likely to spread. This method is really only designed to help you hold the glass together while you figure out a more robust auto glass repair (probably a shop).

You can typically perform your own auto glass repairs if the crack isn’t too severe, but when it’s time to replace the windshield, you are forced to bite the bullet and shell out the money. Give the above quick fixes a try and, depending on the severity of the damage, you might be able to hold off on taking your car in for more thorough repairs for a little while longer.

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