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Apr 10, 2017

Tips For Repairing Small Car Scratches

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If you are a car owner, it is highly unlikely that you will never encounter a scratch on your vehicle. Even if you take incredibly good care, the hazards of the road and the carelessness of other drivers are going to take their toll. You will probably find yourself having to undergo some cheap car repairs when it comes to scratches. Below are tips for helping you repair some of those smaller car scratches.

How To Repair Small Car Scratches

Shoe Polish

Find a shoe polish that is a darker colour than your paint. Once you have applied the shoe polish to the area where the scratch is, it will spread out and fill in the area where you have the scratch. Next, get a piece of sandpaper with a fine grit, and you will be able to gently buff out the scratch. The shoe polish is there to provide you with a guide so that you don’t sand too deep, and only attack the layer of paint where the scratch has occurred.


This is one of the best cheap car repair methods for small scratches. Most toothpastes have minor abrasives in them that are great at gently getting rid of small surface scratches on your car. Make sure that the area you are buffing is clean, apply the toothpaste, then, in circular strokes, gently buff the scratch out.

Nail Polish

This is a good, cheap, car repair alternative to traditional car scratch remover. It comes in a variety of colours that can generally be matched to the colour of your paint job. This is a good option if the scratch can not be completely buffed out and you need to simply cover it up. If you still see the scratch after you have attempted this method, then it might be time to look for a specialty car scratch remover.

Candle Wax

This is a great cheap car repair tactic for when you just want to temporarily cover up a small scratch. The candle wax won’t actually get rid of the scratch, but it will seal it up and make it flush with the surface level of the rest of the paint job. You can keep it like this until you have time to apply a more thorough scratch removal method.

Your car is going to experience some wear and tear, there are no two ways about it. Driving comes with its downsides. But, if you know about some great, cheap, scratch repair techniques that utilize materials that you can usually find around your home, you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg every time some superficial damage is done.

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