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Regular tune ups can keep your car in great condition for years. This not only adds to its life, but helps you save money by avoiding costly repairs. Experienced mechanics should know how to spot developing problems so they can prevent expensive damage. They can also offer tune ups that help keep you safe on the road.

Inspecting Plugs, Wires, and Hoses

The most common car problems often come from simple issues like worn plug, wires, and hoses. During a tune up, your mechanic will inspect these parts to make sure they still work properly. If they find leaking hoses or faulty wires, then they will replace them so that your car works properly, again.

Doing this can prevent more expensive damage. Your car’s systems will try to work even with damaged parts. You might not notice anything for a while. Eventually, the extra wear and tear will lead to bigger problems. Instead of paying for those big problems, you can just pay someone to inspect your vehicle and replace inexpensive parts that show wear.

Inspecting Caps

A quick look under the hood will show that your car has several caps. These caps help keep fluids in their reservoirs instead of letting them leak out. They also help some systems create vacuums that make it easier to feed the fluids to the proper destinations.

Some important caps include the radiator cap, grease caps, and the coolant cap.

When mechanics find faulty caps, they should replace them to improve your vehicle’s performance and avoid future damage. A faulty radiator cap could cause your car to overheat. A bad grease cap can let lubricants leak out so that more expensive parts experience too much friction.

Inspecting Brake Rotors

Your mechanic will probably look at your car’s brake pads to make sure they don’t need replacements. That’s basic maintenance for any vehicle. A good mechanic will take it a step further by checking the brake rotors, too.

Brake rotors are what your brake pads clamp to when you tell the car to stop. They can get worn just like the pads. If they don’t work properly, your car’s braking system won’t work well.

Other Services Included in Tune Ups

Other services your mechanic might offer include:

  • oil changes
  • tire pressure checks
  • coolant top offs
  • spark plug checks
  • battery and alternator checks

Specific services can depend on the type of car you drive. If you have any questions or concerns, just ask your mechanic!



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