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Some people believe that they don’t have to change their transmission fluid. That’s inaccurate and dangerous. It’s also a potentially expensive belief. By choosing a reliable, experienced mechanic, you help ensure that your car gets the transmission fluid and filter exchange services that it needs to perform well for many years.

How Often Should Transmission Fluid Get Changed?

Vehicle manufacturers set different mileage for changing transmission fluid. Some recommend that you change the fluid at least once every 100,000 miles (~150,000 km). Others think say you can wait until 150,000 miles (~240,000 km).

Plenty of mechanics disagree with both of these numbers because they give your car an opportunity to suffer damage that never gets addressed until it’s too late. 50,000 miles (~80,000) may offer a safer alternative. Still, it does depend on what kind of car you drive.

Why Change Transmission Fluid?

Given enough time, transmission fluid starts to break down just like the other fluids you put in your car. The transmission fluid experiences intense heat and pressure, especially if you drive erratically. Fast acceleration and sudden stops put even more pressure on the transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid can also collect dirt that prevents it from working.

Eventually, the fluid just can’t do its job properly.

Transmission Maintenance for Your Car

Mechanics often suggest flushing the transmission fluid and replacing the filter before your car experiences any decline in performance. Servicing the transmission helps mechanics spot problems before they cause damage. It can also help you save a lot of money. Flushing transmission fluid costs a lot less than having your transmission replaced.

When you remove all of the fluid, you don’t have to worry that lingering debris will affect your transmission. Although some companies warn against this practice, it’s safe for most vehicles.

Noticing Signs of Transmission Problems

While you shouldn’t wait for transmission problems to develop before getting maintenance, you will definitely notice when your transmission fluid has reached the end of its life. Your transmission may feel “sticky.” If you have a manual transmission, you may have problems putting your car into gear. If you have an automatic, you may hear the transmission struggle between certain gears.

If you’re uncertain about what kind of maintenance your car’s transmission needs, you should talk to your mechanic. A professional will give you accurate, informed opinions based on years of experience. That can make it much easier for you to decide what services you do and do not need.



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