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Suspension and Alignment Services – Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Shocks & Struts

Your car’s suspension absorbs takes a lot of punishment. By absorbing vibrations from the road, the suspension helps protect the rest of the car. Without it, other parts would have shorter lifespans, forcing you to spend more money on replacements.

The following problems are often symptoms of faulty suspension and alignment. That can include problems with struts, shocks, ball joints, and tie rods. Getting regular maintenance from an experienced mechanic should help you avoid serious problems with your suspension and alignment. It will also help you fix small problems before the affect the rest of your car.

Loud Squeaking

If you hear squeaking when you take sharp curves or drive over a bump in the road, then you probably have a problem with your shocks or struts. These pieces wear out over time because they absorb most of the vibrations from the road.

Your mechanic will immediately inspect this part of the suspension when you mention hearing these sounds. More likely than not, you will have to get the parts replaced.

Car Pulls to One Side

A perfectly aligned car will move straight forward unless you turn the steering wheel. It doesn’t take much abuse, though, to affect your car’s alignment. Just hitting potholes on your way to work will eventually take its toll.

You may also notice that your car pulls to one side when you brake.

If you tell your mechanic about these issues, he or she will probably look at your tires to confirm that you need an alignment. Poor alignment often causes your tires to contact the road improperly. The evidence usually shows up on the sides of the tires.

Your mechanic will suggest a realignment when this happens. You may also need to replace some parts that have become damaged because of the alignment issue.

Faint Banging

Ball joints are designed so that they can withstand constant friction. If the grease leaks out of the ball joint, though, that friction will quickly cause it to warp.

This usually causes a faint banging sound that comes from one of the car’s corners. The banding often gets louder as you drive over bumps or around curves. Bad ball joints can also make it difficult to steer your car. In many cases, the steering will feel loose or sloppy.

Replacement is the only solution to this problem. Your mechanic check the ball joints by trying to pry the wheel hub and lower arm control apart. If they move, then you need a replacement.



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