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Your vehicle’s exhaust system and muffler helps reduce emissions so your car can operate safely while causing minimal damage to the environment. Unfortunately for car owners, a significant amount of a vehicle’s exhaust system is exposed to the elements. That can make damage more likely, especially for those who drive on poorly maintained roads or in snowy areas.

By paying close attention to your car, you can usually spot these problems as they develop. That will help your mechanic find an affordable solution that gets you back on the road quickly.

Poor Fuel Efficiency

Engines that can’t get rid of exhaust efficiently have to burn more fuel. You will probably notice that you spend more time and money filling your gas tank. If you suspect that your fuel efficiency has fallen, make sure your mechanic knows this.

Decreased efficiency often means that there is a hole or clog somewhere in your system. Knowing this will help the mechanic focus on pertinent parts of the exhaust system.

Loud Noises

Your car’s muffler reduces (muffles) loud noises. A damaged muffler that can’t do its job properly will let the car make more noise than usual. It often sounds like loud hissing or popping. It can also sound like intense rattling.

This usually means that your muffler has a hole in it. It could even mean that the muffler has detached from the rest of the exhaust system. In some cases, your mechanic might need to replace the muffler. If the damage is minor, a patch could deaden the noise.

Exhaust in the Vehicle’s Cabin

If you often notice an odd smell in your vehicle’s cabin, your exhaust system could be releasing fumes into the car. That will negatively affect your car’s performance. More importantly, it can damage your health. Unregulated exhaust has a lot of carbon monoxide in it. If you breathe too much carbon monoxide, you can effectively die of suffocation.

Your mechanic will look for holes and detached parts under the car. Replacing or patching the damaged part should solve the problem. The sooner you take your car to the mechanic, the more likely it is that you can get the damage repaired instead of paying more money for replacement parts.

Exhaust systems and mufflers have a lot of common problems. The good news is that experienced mechanics know how to diagnose and repair these problems quickly. Seeing the same symptoms weekly or daily makes it easier for them to understand what usually goes wrong and how they can fix that problem.



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