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Cooling System Services – Radiators, Hoses & Heater Cores

Your vehicle’s cooling system relies on several parts working together. When one of those parts fails, your car can’t adjust its interior temperature. That can lead to serious problems that require expensive repairs.

Regular maintenance will help you avoid these problems while lowering the amount of money that you spend on your vehicle. If you suspect an issue with your cooling system, it’s likely caused by one of these common problems.

Common Hose Problems

Leaks can make it impossible for your cooling system to do its job properly. Most of those leaks are found in radiator hoses. Smart mechanics will look at the hoses for leaks before searching for more difficult problems.

Other hoses in the cooling system can also cause problems. Mechanics need to inspect each hose for signs of leaking or dry rot.

Common Radiator Problems

Replacing a hose is simple and inexpensive. At times, though, the radiator, not the radiator hose, is the culprit. A leaking radiator usually costs a lot more money to fix. Mechanics often diagnose leaking radiators by spotting bubbles or steam coming from damaged areas.

In some cases, mechanics can patch damaged radiators. At other times, they may have to replace the radiator. Replacement costs considerably more than patching.

Another common problem involves the radiator cap. This is an extremely easy problem to diagnose and fix. You or your mechanic simply need to check the cap to make sure it fits the radiator properly. If it feels loose, then you may need a new cap. Most auto supply stores carry them.

Common Heater Core Problems

A malfunctioning heater core will prevent your car from regulating its temperature. The most common problems come from clogs. A clogged hose prevents the heater core from regulating the engine’s temperature.

The entire heater core can also break. This forces mechanics to replace the whole thing. There isn’t a cheaper solution.

Mechanics check for heater core problems by locating the two hoses that run from the core to the bulkhead. One of these hoses should feel warmer than the other. If they are the same temperature, then the heater core isn’t working as it should.

By choosing an experienced mechanic, you get the benefit of a professional diagnosis from someone who knows what repair options should work for your vehicle. When it comes to fixing cooling systems in vehicles, nothing compares to extensive experience. Without it, mechanics may have a difficult time spotting malfunctions in radiators, hoses, and heater cores.



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