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Apr 21, 2014

Why You Should Properly Align Your Tires

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An automobile is a complex machine that functions because of number of individual parts come together with precision. Each of those parts plays a role to helps the car get going, stay going, and stop. If any of those parts or systems are not functioning to their optimal capacity, you are at risk of stalling, breakdown, or worse.

Tire Align

One thing that is recommended you do regularly to keep your car road ready is tire alignment. This simply means ensuring your wheels and tires are aligned in s straight line with one another causing the car to drive straight forward rather than pulling to one side of the road or another.

During a tire alignment, tires are often rotated to prevent wear and tear from being in the same position. Without rotation, tires wear unevenly as each corner of the car undergoes varying stress, loads, force, braking, steering, and torque. Rotation changes the position of the tires from back to front, left to right (etc.) and slows the wear pattern getting you more mileage for your tires.

After your tires are rotated, or any time your car or truck is in for maintenance, the alignment should be checked by your mechanic. The technician will make sure the tires are balanced, the alignment is set, and other systems including the suspension and steering are hazard-free all creating a smooth and more importantly safe ride.

You alignment should be checked and corrected at least once a year even when things seem problem free. It is always best to check it prior to a long road trip, after accidents, if you have hit potholes or curbs, or if you feel a directional pull to one side when driving. Chances are, this is an easy fix for your mechanic and fixing it early prevents any further trouble down the road!

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