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Jan 21, 2014

Why It’s Important to Rotate Your Tires

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Rotating TiresRotating your tires might seem like an unnecessary inconvenience, but your tire dealer suggests it for a legitimate reason. If you’ve typically chosen to leave your tires where they are instead of having them rotated (or rotating them yourself), then you’re actually spending more money in the long run. Not convinced? Consider these reasons that it’s important to rotate your tires.

Reason #1: Front Tires Wear More Quickly Than Back Tires

Your front tires do most of the work. They support your heavy engine block, and they twist on concrete and asphalt to point the car in the right direction. All of that work means that they wear down quickly.

Your back tires, however, barely do anything at all. They never have to turn on gravel and other rough surfaces. They don’t even have to support much weight. Unless you keep your trunk full of gravel, the back tires have a life of leisure.

This means that your front tires wear down faster than your back tires. By rotating them, you move the lazy back tires to the front and the hard-working front tires to the back, where they get a much-deserved break. That extends the life of your tires. If you kept the front tires up front instead of retiring them to the back, you would have to replace them. Instead, you get to use them as your back tires.

Reason #2: Tires Experience Uneven Wear

All of your tires experience wear as they roll down the road. If your alignment is even slightly off, though, your tires are wearing down unevenly. That causes bald spots on certain areas of your tires. If you don’t pay close attention, those bald spots will eventually fall apart on you, leaving you stranded on the side of a busy road.

When you rotate the tires, you let another area of the tire wear down for a while. Yes, you should fix your alignment, too, but it won’t stay straight forever.

Reason #3: You Want to Save Money

When you rotate tires regularly, you can add thousands of miles to your current set. That means you save money. Assuming that you prefer saving money (not to mention avoiding the hassle of getting your tires changed more frequently), then it makes a lot of sense for you to have your tires rotated about once every six months.

If you really don’t want to spend money getting the tires rotated, then you can learn to do it yourself. It just requires some basic tools and elbow grease.

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