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Mar 21, 2014

Reasons Your Car Doesn’t Steer Properly

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Your car’s steering is undeniably one of its most important features as it tells the rest of the vehicle where to go and how to do it safely. Loss of steering can result in accidents big and small. If you are noticing that something just doesn’t seem right with the steering of your car, it’s definitely time to get it checked out! Here are a few questions to ask yourself about the state of your car’s performance, if you note any of the following be sure to describe the problem in detail to your mechanic so they can best diagnose and in turn repair the problem!

Car Steering Problem

  • Does your car pull to one side or the other while attempting to steer straight?
    If it feels like you need to enforce a tight grip on your steering wheel just to get the car to go ahead in a straight line, you may be experiencing one of the following:
    • Your tires/wheels are out of alignment
    • Your tires have not been rotated and are wearing unevenly side to side, front to back
    • One or more tires in low in air/pressure causing unequal pressure among the four
    • Your brakes are sticking, dragging, or failing to release properly on one side
    • There is an issue with the steering linkage (rod/lever system at the front wheels of the car that swivels left and right providing the desired direction for vehicle turning)
  • Does your car tend to pull, wander, and get worse as you accelerate?
    If your car starts out in the direction you intend to go, but you find the steering worsens over time or at greater speeds, you may be experiencing the following:
    • Your tires/wheels are out of alignment
    • Your car has been overloaded or the weight being carried is unevenly distributed
    • There is a problem with loose or broken steering linkage
    • There is an issue with the springs or wheel bearings—repair or replacement may be necessary
  • Does your steering wheel seem difficult to turn?
    If your are having trouble getting the wheel to even move when you are intending to steer or turn the wheel, and your car has the feature of power steering:
    • You may be low or out of power steering fluid

  • Does your steering wheel jerk when you are driving or idling?
    If at slow speeds or while you are sitting at an idle and you notice your steering wheel jump or jerk without any other cause for steering concern, your may have the following problems:
    • Your power steering drive belt has become loose or needs replacing
    • You may need to repair or replace power steering pump
    • You may be low or out of power steering fluid
    • Your car may be idling too low and the speed must be adjusted
    • There is an interruption in steering linkage that needs diagnosis

  • Does your steering wheel vibrate as you accelerate?
    If once you pick up speed, you notice the wheel begins to shakes along with the car beginning to vibrate this is cause for concern. A mechanic should be consulted immediately as you could have the following concerns:
    • Bent, damaged, or broken wheels (rims)
    • Damaged or broken brakes rotors of drums that require repair or replacement
    • Loose when lug nuts that require tightening
    • Tires that need immediate replacing due to damage or balding

If you can say yes to any of the above questions, it is definitely time to give us a call! Let Service Plus Car care inspect and correct your steering concerns to make sure your car is safe for the whole family!

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