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Mar 3, 2014

5 Warning Signs that you Need New Brakes

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There is a large population of people out there that simply love cars. They look forward to new paint jobs, top of the line rims, spoilers, all whilst meticulously caring for every inch of their car—but while it may be fun to tint your windows and adding racing stripes, it is more important to be safe and that means shining some light on the importance of brakes!

Warning Singns that you New Brakes

Faulty brake lines, rotors, pads—they are not car parts you can wait to repair without putting the life of you and your passengers at risk! Here are 5 warning signs that it’s time to have a professional assess the condition of your brake system to best ensure your safety!

  • Brake warning light comes on: this one may be the most obvious! If your dashboard lights up with the brake or Anti-Lock Brake System light (ABS) it may simply mean your car is low on brake fluid but it can also mean there is a slow leak or disconnect somewhere throughout the brake lines. If this is attended to early on, the lines may only require repair, but waiting could entail a costly new brake system. If you see the light, go to the garage!
  • Squeaking, Screeching, or Squealing has got you on guard: if you are hearing a terrible noise each time you apply the brakes, you may be in need of repair or replacement of pads or rotors. If a grinding type noise begins, the problem has escalated and the pads may be worn through! Regular maintenance checks should prevent such as problem, but should you hear any irregular noises during braking, it’s best to have it checked out immediately!
  • Problems with the pedal? If your brakes feel like they are difficult to apply, or they feel sticky, no responsive, or have a spongy end feel, there may be an issue again with the brake fluid levels or that air has entered the brake lines. Should you suspect any change in brake application, report it to your mechanic to allow for best diagnostics.
  • Shaking or Vibrations during braking? If you find that the whole steering column, brake pedals, or car begins to shake when applying the brakes, there may be an issue with your rotors! Damage or warping may require repair or replacement, speak to your mechanic to find out which!
  • The car pulls to one side when braking: If the car starts to show signs of dragging or pulling to the left or the right, the brakes may be dragging or sticking on one side. It could also mean low brake fluid, leaky lines, or poor adjusted brake system. Ask the professional to make sure nothing more ominous is going on!

The sensation of troublesome or lack of brakes is a dangerous and serious concern. Service Plus Car care offers full brake inspections to make sure your vehicle is at its best!

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