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Apr 3, 2017

Spring Cleaning Your Car: A Check List

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The winter is finally over and it’s time to get ready for spring. Spring inevitably involves spring cleaning, and for good reason, because cleaning is often the last thing on your mind during the long, hard winter. Part of that spring cleaning routine should involve some time spent on your car(s). Below is a spring cleaning checklist that you can incorporate into your general spring car maintenance.

Check List For Spring Cleaning Your Car

Make Things Lighter

If your car’s trunk has been filled with things that you keep in it for winter (ice scraper, deicing fluid, extra blankets and emergency supplies) the first thing you want to do is get that stuff out, and put the spring stuff in. Check under the seats as well for anything that you may have left over the winter, such as mittens, hats, scarves and any other cold weather gear.


Whenever you are giving your vehicle a thorough cleaning you are going to want to get the vacuum out. A lot of eating has probably taken place in the car over the winter, and hot chocolate and coffee may have been spilled. Taking care of the carpets is part of good spring car maintenance.

Wipe the Dash and Console Down

Chances are, especially if you live somewhere particularly cold, you have been running the heater for most of the winter. This kicks up dirt and grime in your car, some of which is going to have become caked onto the dashboard and console. Get out an eco-friendly, all-purpose cleaner and give those areas a thorough wipe down.

The Windows

Another important part of spring car maintenance is tackling the windows. If you haven’t had the time, or the inclination, to take care of the windows over the winter, you are going to notice more streaks and dirt than you will probably see at any other time of the year. Sleet, snow, salt and constant condensation will have built up a layer of grime over the winter months, and if you want to be able to see into and out of your car this spring, the windows are going to need some work.


Winter is particularly hard on leather, with the extreme cold, the dry air, especially when you are driving with the heater roaring, and the salt and moisture that gets tracked into the vehicle. A leather cleaner and a leather conditioner will get your car’s leather back looking like new.

Your car’s spring maintenance will go a long way to making you feel great about driving this spring. Some simple cleaning supplies, and some attention to detail on those places that are the biggest attractors of dirt and grime over the winter, will give your car the fresh start for spring it deserves.

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