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Jan 4, 2017

4 Reasons Why Your Car’s Brakes Make Noise

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Driving around in the cold is much less preferable than driving in the warm weather months both from a safety, and from a pleasure standpoint. It can add insult to injury when you start noticing strange noises coming from your vehicle, especially your brakes. If you are noticing that odd sounds are coming from your brakes, below are some possible reasons why.

5 Reasons Why Your Car Brakes Make Noise.

Vibrating Brakes

The main cause of your brakes squealing is typically your brake pads making contact with a rotor that has an uneven surface. This causes the pads to vibrate and bounce, transferring the vibrations to your calipers and the caliper pistons, which causes the squealing noise.

Dust Drums

Vibrations can also result from dust built up over time. Most of the dust that you find on your brakes is from the wearing down of the brake shoes, which begins to coat the drum, creating an uneven surface, which causes the aforementioned vibrations.


Your cast iron brakes, like anything iron, are going to rust. This is compounded by cold and humid weather, which will end up causing gritting and vibrating sounds. If your brakes are constantly wet during the winter, ice can form around the brake, which increases the rate of rusting and causes damage to the motor, creating more vibrating in the future.


If you live in an area of the country where they regularly salt the roads, days and nights of driving to and from work can leave you with brakes full of salt. As this salt builds up on the rotor, in addition to dust, it will create an even more uneven surface. This will result in not only more vibrating, but can corrode your brake pads over time.

Driving during treacherous winter conditions demands brakes that are working properly. This ensures not only your safety, but the safety of other drivers and families on the road. Winter is hard on our vehicles, but if you hear your brakes making any unusual noises, it is paramount that you address the issue immediately, especially in the winter. Keep the above in mind when assessing what might be wrong with your brakes this winter and be able to have an intelligent conversation with your mechanic about how to solve the problem.

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