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May 9, 2016

Important Facts For Choosing The Best Engine Oil

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Not all engine oil is created oil. But, what exactly is an indicator of a good oil and how can you choose the best one? We are here to let you know.

Choosing The Best Engine Oil

  1. Choose Synthetic Oil Over Mineral Oil. Synthetic oil is generally superior to that of mineral oil because its molecules have additional elements added to it, including zinc, sulphur and phosphorous. Synthetic oil will also have less impurities and therefore will lubricate well. It also doesn’t need to be changed as often. A more affordable option is a synthetic blend, which is a mixture of conventional and synthetic oil. Conventional oil is not a bad option for those who routinely change their oil.
  2. Check Your Owner’s Manual. Your owner’s manual with provide you with a specific recommendation that is best suited for your particular vehicle.
  3. Pay Attention to the Oil’s Viscosity. Viscosity refers to a liquid’s resistance to flow. This is important when it comes to how quickly your engine will wear as well as the efficiency of your fuel. Depending on the season, your oil selection will in part come down to viscosity, which will be indicated by “XW-X” on your oil. The first number that has a “W” beside it stands for winter and gives an indication of how well the oil holds up in winter. A lower number means that the oil does well in cold temperatures–that is, it won’t be so thick that it will stop your engine from starting. The numbers are typically between 0 and 60.

    The second number refers to how the oil resists thinning in hot temperatures. A higher number, in particular, means that the oil won’t thin as easily in warm temperatures. Do you drive fast? Do you have a trailer attached to your vehicle? If so, look for a higher number.

  4. Look for an Oil with Added Titanium and Magnetic Particles. Engines encounter a lot of wear when turning them on because the oil drained to the pan once it was turned off. Oil with titanium and magnetic particles has been shown to provide an additional layer of protection to your engine when you turn it on and will therefore prevent it from wearing down as quickly.

Changing your oil regularly is essential to maintaining your car. Take advantage of our excellent oil, lube and filter services. Contact our team of professionals at Service Plus today.

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