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Mar 21, 2017

Tips For Working In The Automotive Service Industry

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As long as automobiles have been around, there has been a support industry to service them. While most people know something about cars, few people know a lot about them. We take our vehicles to automotive service industry experts because we want work done on our vehicles by people who understand them better than we do. If you are considering a career in the automotive service industry, below are some tips to help get you started.

Tips For Working In The Automotive Service Industry

Learn About Cars

The biggest prerequisite for working in this industry is a background knowledge of automobiles. You don’t have to be the most knowledgeable person, but the more you know about cars, how they work, their history, etc., the more attractive you are going to be to a prospective employer.

Know a Trade

Many people who are hired in the automotive service industry have some sort of trade or technical background. This is because an automobile is essentially a collection of the work of a bunch of tradespeople. If you know about electrical work, welding or painting, you already possess a skill and knowledge set that makes you an asset in the automotive service industry.

Be In Shape

The automotive service industry is often a physically demanding one, and being able to lift and hold heavy objects in place is often one of the many job requirements. You will often be asked if you are capable of lifting “X” amount of pounds or kilograms during the hiring process, so make sure you are physically fit and capable of handling the physical strain.

Be Friendly

The automotive service industry requires people who are friendly and outgoing, and that people want to work with. This is a competitive industry and there are a wide range of alternatives for any one service, which means that businesses trade on not only the professionalism of their employees, but also their likeability.

Communication Skills Are a Must

As someone working in this industry, you will be communicating information to people who probably don’t have the technical vocabulary and experience that you have, so it is your job to be able to “translate” for your clients. Explaining why you are doing something, or why something needs to be done, is key if you want to succeed in the automotive service industry.

Getting a job working on automobiles is a dream for many people. There are certain skill sets and personality traits that you can work on to make sure that your resume goes to the top of the pile and you impress potential employers. Keep the above tips in mind to start building experience and a name for yourself in the automotive service industry.

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