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Jun 20, 2016

Tips To Improve Your Car’s Audio System

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Many drivers and commuters can appreciate a quality car audio system when sitting in rush hour traffic or cruising down the highway on a family trip. Unfortunately, the sound system is one of the components that is often neglected by nearly all OEMs in the name of higher profits. Even the factory-installed “premium sound systems” don’t offer that much of a difference.

Improving Your Car’s Audio System

Here are a few suggestions to enjoy better quality music in your ride:

Replace the current speakers

Manufacturers usually don’t pay much attention to the quality of the speakers when designing and building a car. Although factory-installed systems have improved considerably in recent years, many “premium” systems still use cheap amps and speakers that don’t produce top-notch sound.

Installing good aftermarket speakers can significantly improve the quality of sound, with tighter bass and superior clarity.

Install sound deadening material

Sound deadening materials such as dynamat help to improve the sound of your system by reducing vibration and road noise.

To begin with, door panels are not the ideal position for speakers since the thin metal vibrates when you play music, affecting the audio quality. Attaching a material like dynamat to the door panel deadens those vibrations, creating a stable platform for the speaker.

Secondly, a vehicle’s sound system usually sounds better at 40 km/h, but gets rough at around 97 km/h. This is because road noise masks the lower frequencies first, making the system sound overly bright when turned up at highway speeds. Installing dynamat minimizes the noise levels inside your car so you can listen to quality music without having to turn up the volume too much when driving. The result is better audio quality and reduced load on your amps.

Add a subwoofer

A good sub helps to balance the bottom octave of your music, dramatically enhancing your listening experience. A subwoofer also reduces the load on your full-range speakers since you will have to change the bass control to a lower setting, like from “+5” to “0”. The sub draws a lot of power that many car electrical systems cannot handle. So, remember to install a capacitor to act as a buffer between the amps and car battery.

Bonus tips

There are many other things you can do to improve the sound quality in your car, such as adding a separate amplifier; using high-quality cables to deliver power to your amplifiers; adding an equalizer to iron out frequency peaks; and adding a better sub box. For professional help, invite one of your friend’s who is an audiophile to help you tweak your sound system for amazing sound.

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