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May 8, 2017

Tips For Repairing Leather Car Seats

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There is nothing better than soft, comfortable leather seats in your car. The joy of driving is made that much better by beautiful leather seats, but leather seats, unfortunately, are prone to damage in ways that other, less expensive car seats are not. You don’t want to break the bank repairing your leather seats. Below are some cheap repair tips for mending your leather car seats.
How To Repair Leather Car Seats


Leather looks great when you first get it, but over time, all of that getting in and out of your car, family members not being as careful as they should be, and loading and unloading equipment can scratch your leather beyond recognition. A great, cheap way to minimize the look of scratches is to rub in some orange or olive oil. Rub it in using a buffing motion using a damp cloth to make your leather seats look like they were professionally conditioned.


Cuts are worse than scratches because they go right through the leather. If you are repairing a cut in your leather, use a circular under patch. It is easier to slide in and will do the best job at minimizing the appearance of the cut. You can find patches that come with heat activated glue on one side, which will make it easier to blend into the surrounding leather.


Abrasions are somewhere in between cuts and scratches. If they are small enough, they are one of the cheapest car repairs you can make. Spray the damaged area with water and get yourself a small piece of 1000 grit sandpaper. Lightly sand the area until the abrasion appears smooth. If the abrasion is large enough, however, you might need to get the area re-dyed. The trick is to sand slowly and to check the surface of the leather regularly.


Cracks in leather are almost unavoidable. Over time, leather is prone to cracking and you will probably need to repair cracked leather several times throughout the life of your leather car seats. The best way to get rid of cracked leather, unfortunately, is simply replacing the cracked area. Short of that, however, you can clean the cracks and apply some colouring to hide the appearance of the crack until you feel like paying to have it replaced.

Cheap car repairs are easy to do if you have the right instructions. If you are worried about the appearance of your leather and don’t want to break the bank repairing it, keep the above leather repair tips in mind and no one will ever have to know that your car seats have been damaged.

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