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May 23, 2017

How To Maintain Your Car’s Air Conditioner

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Of all of the many systems in your car, few are as important for your comfort while driving as the air conditioner. It keeps you warm during the frigid winter months, and cool when the heat gets unbearable. You know about keeping the air conditioner fluids topped up, but did you know that there are other things you can do to ensure that your air conditioner is always working at full capacity? Below are automotive service tips to help you maintain your car’s air conditioner.
Maintain Your Car's Air Conditioner

Run It Once a Week

It is a good idea to run the air conditioner for about ten minutes every week, even if you aren’t using it regularly. Running it weekly will help maintain the gas pressure and keep the gas compressor working properly. To get the most out of this tip, turn the air conditioner up to the fan’s highest and coolest setting.

Run the Defrost

In addition to running the air conditioner on its highest and coolest setting, it is also a good idea to run the defrost for between five and ten minutes. This will help to prevent mildew and get rid of excessive moisture that might have built up in the fan while it has been inactive. Moisture and mildew can cause bad odours, and even create toxic mold.

Use the Air Conditioner During the Winter Months

It may seem counter-intuitive, but most automotive service experts will recommend that you use the air conditioner in the winter to defog the windshield. Removing humidity from your car’s interior is one of the primary functions of your air conditioner.

Recharge It

It is recommended that you change the gas and the lubricant in your cooling system every two years. If you have ever been in someone’s car and the air conditioner is either making terrible noises, or not having any effect on the internal temperature or humidity level, it could be due to the fact that they haven’t changed their gas and lubricant.

Your air conditioner makes your life pleasant, so do your part and help it keep working. If you are getting a new vehicle, or have noticed that your current vehicle’s air conditioner hasn’t been working properly, keep the above air conditioner automotive service tips in mind and your air conditioner will be fully functional all year long.

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